Advantages of Mediation


Pacific ADR’s TOP 5 reasons to recommend mediation:

  1.  Speed. Prosecuting or defending a civil lawsuit is slow, expensive and unpredictable. Delay often occurs because criminal cases receive priority (via Constitutional requirements) and because certain jurisdictions have too few judges. Mediation, however, can be scheduled quickly, especially when the disputing parties genuinely wish to resolve their differences.
  1.  Confidentiality. Unlike court proceedings, mediation keeps your dispute private. Most states have enacted uniform legislation that confers confidentiality upon the mediation process by statute. Federal courts have similar rules. The parties also typically enter into confidentiality agreements that prohibit disclosure of all mediation-related statements, submissions etc.
  1.  Flexibility. Mediation is informal and can be designed to suit the particulars of your dispute. Variables such as the number of participants and the mediation’s location and duration can be adjusted to fit individual circumstances.
  1. Subject Matter Diversity. You can use mediation to resolve almost any dispute. Disputes involving business contracts, employment, construction, personal injury, professional negligence, real estate, land use, environmental, intellectual property, estate and trust and family law are continually mediated in every U.S. jurisdiction. Certain types of disputes—such as intellectual property and construction—often require a mediation process tailored specifically to the specific case involved.
  1. Low Cost. The cost of mediation is a small fraction of the cost of litigation, regardless of whether the litigation proceeds in court or via arbitration. Typically, the parties share equally in the cost of mediation.

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