Gregg Bertram, M.A., J.D., LL.M. is one of the most experienced and successful mediators and arbitrators in Washington State. In 2015, Gregg founded and subsequently became President and CEO of Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC.

Pacific ADR Consulting, LLC, is a Northwest mediation and arbitration service provider. Pacific ADR Consulting not only provides mediation and arbitration services for the Pacific Northwest, but also  the entire West Coast of the United States.  Gregg and Pacific ADR’s panelists mediate and/or arbitrate in every area of civil litigation and at the highest professional level. The company is known for the high quality of its Panel/ Neutrals, who are all extremely knowledgeable, well prepared, and bring sharp focus, experience and authentic neutrality to every case. Pacific ADR's case settlement rates are exceptional, even amid the shift from in-person to online video mediations/arbitrations.


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