Gregg Bertram


Gregg Bertram is the founder of Pacific ADR and is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most experienced and respected mediator/arbitrators. In the past twenty five years Gregg has successfully mediated several thousand civil cases of virtually every dimension.   Gregg is a former JAMS shareholder and was previously designated “Master Mediator” by his first ADR service provider, Washington Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. (WAMS). He is also former Chair of the Federal Bar Association ADR Section, a member of the ADR Roundtable and National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals and panelist of the American Arbitration Association.

Pacific ADR’s panel of neutrals has been selected by Gregg to implement his commitment to service of the ADR process at the highest professional level. He has mediated or arbitrated with most of Pacific ADR’s panel members on multiple occasions and has developed a profound respect for their professional ability, integrity and unswerving commitment to ADR.

Gregg Bertram's CV

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