Kathy A. Cochran


Kathy Cochran has been an active trial lawyer since 1975, generally focusing on pharmaceutical, medical product, and medical malpractice litigation. During the course of her career, she has participated as an advocate in numerous mediations, negotiating creative solutions and overcoming significant obstacles to dispute resolution. She has identified the important factors that influence a party’s willingness to settle and has developed techniques for overcoming negative factors that sometimes prevent resolution of complex claims. This has included cases involving numerous parties, mass torts, from simple to complex litigation. She has consulted with sophisticated as well as inexperienced clients, providing clear-cut and incisive advice including case evaluation and the identification of strategies to maximize satisfactory resolution of lawsuits.

One essential ingredient of a satisfactory resolution is a belief by every party that the mediator has been fair, adept, flexible, and firm in approaching the need to settle without trampling on the rights and interests of any party.   This requires a delicate balance and insight into the mindset of diverse parties in the arena. Ms. Cochran has wide experience in working with the most difficult and reticent personalities to identify the key issues that will propel them to the table and achieve resolution. She has the dexterity to identify the complex forces that drive lawsuits while at the same time re-defining those forces in order to accomplish resolution without the expense and uncertainty of a trial.

Kathy Cochran's CV