Our Services

Pacific ADR provides a full menu of alternative dispute resolution services.

We are an accomplished, experienced Mediation and Arbitration provider in the Pacific Northwest.  We provide exceptional service and maintain very high mediation settlement rates in all cases.  With court closures resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, online video mediation and arbitration have become ever more relevant. 

Few parties, whether individual or institutional, can wait indefinitely for resolution of their disputes.  Litigation is always stressful for parties.  With the added emotional and financial stress from Covid-19, health and balance can best be restored when disputes are resolved quickly and fairly.  Courts are currently unable to do this.  We can.  At Pacific ADR we are known for careful case preparation, performance and perseverance. 


We provide ADR services in the following areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Real Estate
  • Estate and Trust
  • Securities
  • Family law
  • Personal Injury
  • Business/Commercial
  • Professional Liability
  • Cannabis
  • Maritime

We will help you and your clients. 

Service Overview


Our mediators have extensive experience in almost every area of civil litigation, including business, construction, real estate and land use, personal injury, sports, telecommunications and tech, professional negligence, health care, estate and trust, civil rights environmental, and agricultural law.

In addition, we are able and willing to travel throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska to perform mediation services. Pacific ADR mediators arrive at every mediation prepared and committed to work tirelessly for the benefit of all parties involved.


Pacific ADR's panel of neutrals includes experienced, capable arbitrators. Our arbitrators are prepared, informed and impartial and strive to conduct each arbitration efficiently and fairly. Our goal is to create and conduct arbitrations tailored to the needs of the parties; we also strive to present reasoned alternatives to time consuming, wasteful litigation.

Class Action/Mass Tort Expertise

Our Pacific ADR panel has substantial class action/mass tort expertise. We provide mediation and neutral evaluation pre- and post-settlement ADR services for such cases. Often, allocating settlement dollars among many competing claimants is a necessary task. Pacific ADR professionals perform these allocation services efficiently, fairly and at very competitive rates. We are also accustomed to working collaboratively with class action/mass tort administrators to accomplish these objectives. Please let us know how we may assist you with your next class action/mass tort case either via our website, www.pacificadrconsulting.com, or telephone at 206-624-3388.

Balance Billing Arbitration  

Pacific ADR has been recently designated as one of very few approved Balance Billing Protection Act arbitration providers by the Washington Insurance Commission. Please let us know how we may assist you with your Balance Billing Arbitration matters either via our website, www.pacificadrconsulting.com, or telephone at 206-624-3388.


Special Master Services

Some Pacific ADR panelists serve as Special Discovery Masters in addition to performing traditional ADR services.

Pacific ADR's panel of 7 mediators and arbitrators bring years of successful experience and trusted professionalism. If you would like to know more about our panel, please contact us.