Mediation – The Perfect Tool for Employment Disputes


Employment-related disputes often involve emotionally charged, incendiary interpersonal conflicts. As a result, employment conflicts should be resolved as quickly as possible, especially when an employee wants to retain his or her employment with the employer. Even in cases where an employee is leaving the company, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, mediation provides a forum for the employee to negotiate acceptable terms of departure that often include a positive reference from the former employer. Such a result would be impossible if the parties went to trial.

The following case illustrates how mediation can be effective. A number of years ago, a physician shareholder in an OB/GYN practice began selling Amway products to patients while they were in the exam room. Other shareholder employees of the practice were understandably upset when they learned of this behavior and demanded their colleague leave the practice immediately. The physician/Amway salesman did not want to leave voluntarily.

Fortunately, all parties recognized that it was essential to resolve the dispute before it became public, an occurrence that would significantly harm the careers of all of its physician shareholders. Attorneys for the disputing parties worked together to schedule an early mediation, which resulted in the swift departure of the offending physician under terms acceptable to both sides.

Resolving employment disputes quickly and privately is essential to maintaining a productive, profitable company. Pacific ADR has experienced, dedicated neutrals standing ready to assist in the resolution of your dispute. Please contact us at (206) 624-3388.

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