March 16, 2020


Pacific ADR Consulting is pleased to announce alternative mediation and arbitration solutions in regards to the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease.

Protecting the Health of Pacific ADR Visitors Visitors: We are addressing COVID-19 developments by taking pro-active steps to protect the health of employees and visitors to Pacific ADR Consulting. We have communicated with our neutrals and employees about best practices and guidelines to avoid the spread of viruses, and have an action plan in place.

Visitors can expect to find alcohol-based hand sanitizers and tissues throughout all common areas. Cleaning sprays and wipes will also be provided to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects, and door handles. Building managers will regularly clean and disinfect building common areas.

In addition, we have an alternative solutions available for those unable or unwilling to participate in face-to-face mediations and arbitrations.
Technology Options Available for Remote Hearing Participation: 

If personal attendance at a mediation is not feasible, we are able to perform mediations by using one of the well established video conferencing platforms.  As you may have already experienced, it is not unusual for one or more individuals to attend a mediation remotely.  While it is always preferable to have all parties personally attend mediation, over the years we at Pacific ADR have observed no diminished likelihood of settlement where one or more individuals elects remote mediation participation.

Please do not come to a mediation or arbitration if you are feeling unwell. You may contact our Case Manager at who will work with you and the other participants to utilize video conferencing and other technology.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact our Case Manager, Julia Chrzanowski.

Please know that we are closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19 and will make updates as appropriate.

Thank you, and stay healthy!
-Pacific ADR Team

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