By now trial lawyers and their clients realize that the state and federal court system is at present, unable to hold trials.  Existing trial dates have been continued and are likely to be continued more than once. Few clients can afford to wait to have their day in court for another year, or two, or even three! 

Because of this, we are listening to client’s requests, and implementing flat fee online arbitration, or when it is safe to do so, in-person arbitration hearings. At Pacific ADR we have an arbitration panel experienced in virtually all areas of the law.  That experience enables us to schedule and manage arbitrations very efficiently, fairly, and at lower cost.

Flat fee arbitration coupled with careful arbitration management provides parties with front end knowledge of the cost as well as definite hearing and award completion dates.  Some benefits of flat fee arbitrations are:

  1. Fixed Arbitration Fee.
  2. Definite Arbitration Hearing Date.
  3. Efficiently Managed Pre-Hearing procedure.
  4. Experienced, Impartial, Knowledgeable Arbitrator.
  5. Finality of Binding Arbitration.

Civil trials cannot promise these certainties in even normal times.

For smaller claims we encourage parties to agree to final offer or binding high/low arbitration.  Either or both of these arbitration formats are also suitable for many complex arbitrations.  However, parties are always free to create their own arbitration process to conform to the particulars of their dispute.

Please call or email us at casemanager@pacificadrconsulting. to learn more. 

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