Roger L. Hillman

Roger Hillman is of counsel to Paramount Law Group. He began his career as a litigator on the East Coast. After over ten years as Senior Vice President of Claims for three national insurance carriers, he resumed his litigation practice in the Northwest. Over the past twenty-five years, Roger concentrates his practice on health care and insurance matters, while also handling commercial disputes. In the health care arena, he has handled professional liability matters for a wide variety of providers; physicians, hospitals, psychologists, chiropractors, naturopaths and acupuncturists. He has also resolved numerous disputes involving provider credentialing, Medicare and Medicaid audits, medical devices and employment. His insurance background gives him a unique perspective, enabling him to resolve complex coverage matters, both for insurers and insureds, often without the need for protracted litigation.

Over the years, Roger has successfully participated as an advocate in numerous mediations, both as a Plaintiff and the Defendant. While calling on his extensive litigation background, Roger is keenly aware of the vital role interpersonal dynamics play in a successful mediation. This includes between the parties, between client and counsel, as well as interested third parties such as insurers or lienholders.

Roger Hillman CV