Pacific ADR is pleased to announce creation of Summary Online Arbitration procedures.  Inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic with attendant court closures, we have developed a practical structure for binding arbitration that is designed to resolve disputes in between 120-150 days from start to finish.  Litigants no longer have to wonder whether they will have trial dates in 2021, 2022, 2023 or ………?

We have seen in just the past few days a dramatic rise of corona virus cases in the United States.  State and federal courts that were considering partial re-opening have had to announce continued closure.  Massive uncertainty about when existing civil cases will get to trial continues.  Moreover, it is even more unclear when disputes arising from Covid-19 will receive reliable trial dates.  These latter cases are expected to number in the tens of thousands.  Many litigants simply can’t wait indefinitely for justice.

Our Summary Online Arbitration provides parties with a streamlined, cost effective, binding adjudication process.  This form of arbitration is conducted primarily via written testimonial and documentary submissions pursuant to clear timelines.  Expert witnesses and depositions are limited as they usually are in international arbitration.  Depending upon the parties and/or the Arbitrator, there may or may not be an Arbitration Hearing.

Fortunately, Pacific ADR has an experienced, informed panel of impartial attorney Arbitrators who have been trained in Summary Online Arbitration best practices.  Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, each Summary Arbitration Award shall contain an explanation of the reasons for the arbitrator’s decision.  Prior to release to the parties, each Arbitration Award shall be pe reviewed internally by at least one Pacific ADR panel member not directly involved in the arbitration.

Our Summary Online Arbitration process is fast, comparatively inexpensive and fair.  For more information about Pacific ADR’s unique Summary Online Arbitration procedures please call or email Pacific ADR panel members:

Rick Gautschi at 206-310-4273


Gregg Bertram at 206-920-9795

We look forward to assisting you!

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